Thanks For Last Night - Lauren Blakely

Thanks For Last Night

By Lauren Blakely

  • Release Date: 2020-09-16
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 65 Ratings


A sexy new friends-to-lovers standalone!

Let me list the reasons why dating a sexy, charming, pro hockey star is a bad idea:
He’s one of my closest friends All our friends are friends The wounds I’ve got from past relationships go deep. And so do his.
We’re both devoutly single -- it’s just safer for the heart that way. But there’s no reason not to bid on the gorgeous, clever athlete at the charity auction this weekend. If I win, it’ll be a friendsdate. 

And I do win.
I win him big.
And hard.
And all night long.

The trouble is . . . what happens in the morning?


  • Love this couple!!

    By gabbysreading
    Lauren Blakely has once again delivered a fun, charming and swoony friends to lovers romance that will give you all the hearts in your eyes. I adored this couple. Ransom and Teagan are just so compatible. I absolutely loved their flirty competitive back and forth banter and their undeniable chemistry. If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times - Lauren Blakely is the queen of the flirty banter. I. Cannot. Get. Enough! The friendship between Ransom and Teagan was just so natural. They truly understood each other. Both burned by previous relationships, they were perfectly happy being single. While all their friends were coupled up, they were determined not to go down that road again; even as they were constantly pushed together. However, their connection and their attraction was just too strong. Ransom met his match with Teagan. While I did enjoy this book, I did think Thanks for Last Night read a little too fast for me. The entire transition from friends to lovers and the courting took place in a matter of a couple weeks. I don’t feel this story was as developed as other Lauren Blakely books. The last few chapters were not even about Teagan and Ransom. Of course I love revisiting some old characters and seeing my favorites get their happily ever after. I just wish this book was more Ransom Teagan focused. All I all, Thanks for Last Night is a flirty, sexy good time. Get ready to fall in love with the charismatic swoon-worthy hockey player and the strong, witty woman with the big heart.
  • Friends to lovers...the best kind of story!

    By KellyMacLilac
    If this isn’t the perfect book to read during pandemic times! Swoon, sigh, swoon again ( and let’s not forget the amped up spicy-ness)! This was my favorite in the series ( but you should read all of them because they all rock) because I loved the banter and chemistry! Friends ( close friends) can make the best romantic couples if it’s the right mixture! Ransom and Teagan are the only ones of a close-knit group that dont have matches...they both also have fears of relationships due to horrid pasts. This book was just so good! So fun, so sexy, and so romantic!
  • RomCom Perfection!

    By KindleKat64
    I absolutely adored Teagan and Ransom’s friends to forever lovers story. It’s fun, sexy, flirty and full of funny banter that totally endeared this couple to me so quickly. Lauren Blakely sure can write the heck out of a RomCom and Zachary Webber and Andi Arndt were the perfect narrators to play this fun couple in this Amazing series that can all be read as stand- alones but I think you should definitely read/listen to them all anyway so you can appreciate the other couples more. But also because they are all wonderfully entertaining! Zachary and Andi absolutely slayed their roles as Ransom and Teagan, they are amazing. Listening to this audiobook was like watching a movie and I just love that! I also love the additional amazing narrators for some of the other parts of the story. That is another thing Ms. Blakely does so well, she can cast the heck out of her audiobooks too and quite often now their are full casts which make them even more fun to listen to. As far as this story goes, Teagan and Ransom have been part of the same friend group for years and now that their friends are all happily coupled off, they want the same thing for Ransom and Teagan, only they all think the two of them would be perfect for each other. Teagan and Ransom start to see that after she helps him out with something. Every part of their story kept me engaged and I couldn’t help but fall in love with them as they fell in love with each other! I loved this audiobook!
  • A FANTASTIC read!

    By mpatane5
    A fantastic friends to lovers storyline with witty banter and scorching hot chemistry. Ransom and Teagan will have you laughing out loud and swooning. Absolutely loved the supporting characters from past books and their encouraging ways and where they are now. Absolutely worth the read!
  • Swoon!

    By Laura__F
    This series has been so fun to read but Ransom and Teagan brought another layer to their story. This story is definitely funny but it had so much emotion that I found myself shedding tears over the background of these two. I wanted to reach through and give them the biggest hugs because my heart was breaking for them. I have a lot LB books on my TBR since I’m slowly making my way through her backlist but if the stories of Ransom’s sisters don’t already exist, they need to. They are funny and witty and definitely ladies I’d love to get to know more. This epilogue was my favorite part of the whole book because of Tempest.
  • Thanks for this book!

    By starstacy
    Thanks for this book, because it made me smile and made me forget the real world for a couple of hours! I smiled and laughed out loud at the first few pages of this book just like I always do with this author’s rom-coms! I loved Teagan from the beginning and continued to love her throughout the book. She was “confidence, mixed with warmth, the determination paired with cleverness.” Ransom was an all around good guy who was loyal, smart and clever too. Their banter was hilarious! They were friends that had a spark and decided to have one night together. They had both been hurt by their exes, and they each don’t want a serious relationship. But what happens when they realize they each want more than one night and feelings might be involved? A fun, sexy, drama free friends-to-lovers romance was what happened, and I enjoyed every minute of it and recommend it! I received an advanced copy of this ebook for my honest review that I am voluntarily leaving.
  • Fun and Fabulous!!

    By Stacyotr
    Let me tell you how much I loved this book. Not only did I read this book, I immediately listened to the audiobook right after reading it. Thanks For Last Night is a friends to lovers romance full of humor, spice (the set you on fire kind), friendship and love. You know a relationship is going to be epic when you click on so many levels. Let me tell you, there’s lots of “clicking” between Ransom and Teagan. The question is...will they sink or swim?
  • Lovely romance and good friends

    By WendyR26
    This was a fantastic read. I am so glad that we got more of this friend group-they are great. Thanks For Last Night was Ransom and Teagan's story. These two have such an attraction to each other but don't want to do anything about it because of their friend group. However with a little push these two might give in to what they both want. Ransom and Teagan were a cute couple. They got along so well and they complemented each other perfectly. I enjoyed their banter and interactions-they were fun. Their romance was sweet, steamy, and happy. It was great seeing their friendship turn to more. I also loved getting more of the friend group. They all truly care about and love each other. It was wonderful to see. And their interactions were entertaining. One of my favorite parts was the extra we got of the friends-it was nice to see them all living out their HEAs. Overall this was a great book. Lauren gives good romance and good friends.
  • Friends to Lovers

    By MaryW fan
    Another great Lauren Blakely book! Ransom & Teagan are friends, and all their friends are friends it’s best not to risk those connections by acting on the crazy chemistry they have, right?? When Ransom asks for Teagan’s help to win a bid on him at a celebrity Auction, she accepts thinking they can go on a “friends date” without risking their hearts. The author has other plans for these two, and watching them fall in love makes for a great story. This is a standalone, but also the 3rd book in Blakely’s “The Guys Who Got Away” Series. So if you haven’t read the other two books, make sure to check those out too - they are awesome as well!
  • Friends to Lovers. Low on angst, High on feels!

    By Suzanne Golt
    Talk about multiples! This book has not one or two, but several fabulous interwoven love stories centered around our hero, Ransom, a professional hockey player, and Teagan, a successful writer and businesswoman. Although the fourth book in The Guys Who Got Away series, you do not have to read Dear Sexy Ex Boyfriend, The What If Guy, or A Guy Walks into My Bar, to enjoy this friends-to-lovers romance. It is a standalone that I wholeheartedly recommend. Low and angst, and high on feels, Thanks for Last night is just an all-around, feel-good romance. Our hero is witty, sensitive, thoughtful, athletic, and of course, super sexy, and although he’s avoided a serious relationship and having his heart crushed again, he begins to let down his guard and see his beautiful BFF in a different light. Teagan was smart, sassy and sexy, and I loved how she put herself out there, even though she knew the risk of what could happen if they should not work out. I admired their honesty, how they handled their relationship, and didn’t play games. As friends, they truly enjoyed being with each other and had so much in common. Their flirty banter and smoking hot chemistry led to a night of passion after a fundraiser they both attended, and it was full steam ahead! Blakely can sure write some love scenes! I loved all the sarcasm and good-natured ribbing, and that there was no drama in this easy read, just lots of swoons and laughs. Their friends, interconnecting characters whom appear in earlier books, encourage and meddle in support of the two of them, and I loved getting insight and updates on their relationships as well. Ransom is close to his sister, Tempest, and she is featured along with his friend, Yankee’s baseball sensation, Martinez. Loved the texts and conversations with their friends Oliver and Summer, Dean and Fitz, Logan and Bryn, and especially the epilogue tying it all together with a glimpse into the future.