The Chapo Guide to Revolution - Chapo Trap House

The Chapo Guide to Revolution

By Chapo Trap House

  • Release Date: 2018-08-21
  • Genre: Humor
Score: 4.5
From 40 Ratings


Instant New York Times bestseller
“Howard Zinn on acid or some bullsh*t like that.” —Tim Heidecker

The creators of the cult-hit podcast Chapo Trap House deliver a manifesto for everyone who feels orphaned and alienated—politically, culturally, and economically—by the lanyard-wearing Wall Street centrism of the left and the lizard-brained atavism of the right: there is a better way, the Chapo Way.

In a guide that reads like “a weirder, smarter, and deliciously meaner version of The Daily Show’s 2004 America (The Book)” (Paste), Chapo Trap House shows you that you don’t have to side with either sinking ships. These self-described “assholes from the internet” offer a fully ironic ideology for all who feel politically hopeless and prefer broadsides and tirades to reasoned debate.

Learn the “secret” history of the world, politics, media, and everything in-between that THEY don’t want you to know and chart a course from our wretched present to a utopian future where one can post in the morning, game in the afternoon, and podcast after dinner without ever becoming a poster, gamer, or podcaster.

A book that’s “as intellectually serious and analytically original as it is irreverent and funny” (Glenn Greenwald, New York Times bestselling author of No Place to Hide) The Chapo Guide to Revolution features illustrated taxonomies of contemporary liberal and conservative characters, biographies of important thought leaders, “never before seen” drafts of Aaron Sorkin’s Newsroom manga, and the ten new laws that govern Chapo Year Zero (everyone gets a dog, billionaires are turned into Soylent, and logic is outlawed). If you’re a fan of sacred cows, prisoners being taken, and holds being barred, then this book is NOT for you. However, if you feel disenfranchised from the political and cultural nightmare we’re in, then Chapo, let’s go…


  • Gave to my boss, got fired

    By buy the book
    Buy the book
  • Like the podcast, but a book

    By EvanCT
    If you like “Chapo Trap House”, you pretty much know what you’re getting.
  • Very good

    By Huddyy22.10
  • As expected

    By Sapphoalyssa
    this book rules. Don’t forget that just as you’re laughing and meandering curiously through it, frequently your mirth is interrupted by a sharp kick in the balls. This it’s written in the same weird, schizo way we experience the current socioeconomic and political climate. If you’re of a certain ilk, you’ve seen the history and narrative elsewhere but never in such a way that is so refreshingly unapologetic, crude, and relevant. You’ll be sure to give your conservative dad or #stillwithher colleague a hernia should you force this on them. And you should.
  • The book:

    By WagnerKoop
    Buy it.
  • Gave this to my grandparents, got cut out the will

    By disowned dissident
    Not an entry level piece, but for the initiated into the current political landscape it’s very crisp and incisive commentary. A fun game for podcast listeners of Chapo is to change the voice of your internal monologue to different members of the Chapo cast and try to see who is the best fit per chapter.
  • Chapo did well

    By VNR
    Chapo will not hold anybody’s hand: they take it for granted people understand basic political/historical facts. They really jump into the deep end. They will call a reader ‘uncultured swine’ but will not condescend them.
  • Awesome

    By henryulysses
    Very good book